Our publishing process is easy, quick and straight-forward. You don't need to stress yourself about the technicalities. All we require is that you have your manuscript ready for publishing, with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors corrected. Do ensure your manuscript is thoroughly edited before sending it to us. We only carry out limited editing for formatting purposes.
We do not carry out unpaid editing services, but can offer our services at an affordable fee. Please see our "other services" section for more information. 
Our cover designer will design two personalised covers so you have a choice of covers. If you have an image you would like to use for your bookcover, by all means, send it to us and our designer will use it if it has the right pixels.
Once you've made your payment, email your manuscript to us. We will send you our contract and your book will be published and available for purchase from Amazon and other retail channels within a 4-week timeline, depending on your approval of your book cover. Canaan-Star Publishing will pay a royalty of 70% of net profit. Royalties payment is usually by Paypal to non-UK authors or by cheque /direct bank transfer to UK authors every four months (December, April & August) with full royalties statement issued at the time. 
Our authors can purchase their books at a discounted price for their promotion, book signings, etc. However, they will need to pay for packaging/postage, as well as pay upfront via paypal or by bank transfer before we can ship the books to them. At present, authors can buy their paperback books at 60% of the retail price but they will get no royalties for those books. Hardcover will depend on the book size and pagination. Please contact us for your personalised hardcover quote.
You will retain full rights of your manuscript. You are free to publish with any other publisher, negotiate translation rights and use your work in any way you want, provided you do not use the Book Cover we design. 
                       This is a self-publishing package. We do not undertake any promotion for authors.